Emergency Management

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The Legend

As legend goes, Chief Sarcoxie, Rising Sun of the Turtle Band of the Delaware Indian Tribe, settled here because it was protected from tornadoes. True or not, today only a small unoccupied part of the City actually sits on the original site - leaving the bulk of the City exposed to the risk of tornadoes.

The Basics

Tornadoes can occur any hour and day of the year. The time of highest risk in the year is from late spring to early summer. The time of highest risk in the day is between 3 PM and 9 PM. 

A tornado WATCH means conditions are right for a tornado to occur and usually covers a very broad area.

A tornado WARNING means there is likely a tornado present and is usually in a very specific area or path.

Storm Siren Activation

Storm sirens are designed to be a warning system for people who are outdoors.  They are not designed to reach into buildings or to wake you up in the middle of the night.   
The city has 3 storms sirens that will activate if:  

• The NWS issues a Tornado Warning OR a trained spotter reports a tornado In Jasper, Newton, or Lawrence Counties and the tornado path includes the City of Sarcoxie; OR

• The NWS reports a storm system producing wind speeds of 75 MPH or greater and the storm path includes the City of Sarcoxie; OR

• A squall line thunderstorm during a tornado watch or warning with a path that includes the City of Sarcoxie.

Storm Sirens are a warning of last resort!  The City will try to activate sirens when the danger is 15 minutes away.  Unfortunately, conditions change, and things happen resulting in sirens sounding when the danger is as much as 30 minutes away or right over the city (zero warning).  Only 1 siren has battery backup so, if the power goes out you may not hear a siren at all.  For these reasons, you

The Most Important Resource 
YOU are the most important resource for protecting you and your family! Agencies and organizations will try to help as much as possible but when all is said and done, the decisions and actions you take will give you the best chance of protection in dangerous weather.

Other Resources

Public Storm Shelters

There are 2 FEMA certified shelters located in the city – one at Wildwood Elementary School and one at Sarcoxie High School.  These shelters are staffed during tornado watches and the doors are opened approximately 25 minutes before the dangerous storm is anticipated to arrive. 

Please note that pets are not allowed in the FEMA shelters.  If that is going to be a problem you need to plan on a different course of action. 

Emergency Services Response

When there is an elevated risk for dangerous wind or storm events, police, fire, sentinels, school district and the city government go in to a heightened state of readiness.  City Hall opens up as an Emergency Operation Center (EOC), establishes direct communications with the Jasper County 911 Center and supervises siren activation.  The Fire Department can activate storm spotters and fleet disbursal as conditions warrant.

More Info

There are lots of sources of information on tornadoes, personal protection, and emergency plans if you want to know more including:

American Red Cross

Missouri Storm Aware

State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA)

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

National Weather Service

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. (NOAA)

What's Your Plan?
Most folks plan to “shelter in place” if a tornado strikes.  If so, make sure you know exactly where you want to go (i.e. basement, shelter, bathroom, or an interior closet) AND what you want to take with you.  Don’t wait until the storm is here to grab a flashlight, some blankets, or a book to read to your kids - have them with you or already there. 

Some folks plan on going to a friend’s house or basement or simply to try to get out of the path of approaching storms.  If this is your plan then plan on getting there before the danger arrives.  You don’t want to be in a vehicle when the storm hits.   How much time will you need to get loaded up and get there?  What and who do you plan on taking with you?  Do you need to take any medicine?  Does the car have enough gas?  Do you need to take bedding?  All of this and more should already be thought out and ready before a storm. 

If you plan on doing more than sheltering in place do not wait for storm sirens to activate before starting.  If you don’t get going quickly enough your back up plan should be to shelter in place. 

When the City Suffers Storm Damage

It is going to happen someday.  When it does, emergency services and city government will be doing everything in their power to protect life and property.  Here are some things to expect:

There will initially be a lot of confusion.

The first priority will be search and rescue.  We will need help determining if people are unaccounted for.


The City has limited resources so will coordinate and seek assistance from local residents and businesses, Jasper County Emergency Management and other local agencies.

The City will provide public information through the above listed Radio and TV stations and at a designated location in the City.

The City will need and accept volunteers and establish a location for volunteers to check in and be assigned tasks.

Access to the city and damaged parts of the city will be restricted.  We won’t put up with sightseers, looters or anyone interfering with rescue and recovery operations or who don’t respect a victim’s rights for and privacy.