Future Local Leaders Scholarship

Scholarship Deadline: October 9th, 2020

Scholarship Award: $1000

The Future Local Leaders Scholarship formerly known as the Developing Entrepreneurs Scholarship is a competitive grant awarded annually to a qualifying student at the start of their senior year and presented at the end of their senior year providing they satisfy the participation requirements of the program. The distinguishing criteria for candidates will be a detailed proposal for a project or program that promotes economic development and/or community betterment in Sarcoxie.


The proposed project or program element of this scholarship is expected to have a very positive impact on our community with the promise of potentially implementing it in the future. This younger generation has a lot of creative ideas of what they would like to see in Sarcoxie and how it can happen, therefore we invite these young adults to apply for this scholarship.


Once selected, the recipient will be awarded a one-year seat on the Core Team with full voting rights and responsibilities. They will have access to knowledgeable mentors on the boards as well as other organizations. At the end of their senior year, a scholarship of $1,000 to the school of their choice will be awarded as a result of the participation exerted by the student. 

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