City of Sarcoxie Social Media 

New Change For Social Media:

On behalf of the Sarcoxie Board of Aldermen, I am writing to let everyone know of a policy change on all of the City’s official social media accounts.  Effective on Wednesday September 22, the option for public comments on individual posts will be disabled.  This change isn’t popular with all of our social media content creators and will likely not be popular with all members of the public.  It is however for what we believe to be good cause.  It has been considered for over two years, was recommended by the City Attorney and unanimously approved by the Sarcoxie Board of Aldermen at their September 7th meeting.


The sole goal of the City’s social media is to provide an additional means of getting information to and from the public.  It is not a forum for social media trolls to spew hate, attack our citizens or vilify the city most of us are proud to call our hometown.  Anyone who follows the City’s more active pages have seen these folks in action over the past couple of years.  They contribute nothing and disrupt well-intentioned citizens earnestly trying to address real issues and concerns.  At its worst, we have seen innocent citizens brutalized by these keyboard warriors on our sites.  These folks can do that on their own social media with their like-minded followers.  Our citizens deserve better.


In considering this policy change, the City has reviewed comments over the last few years. While it only happens a couple times a month across all of our social media sites, we can never predict when or how nasty these comments will be. Our followers and visitors should feel safe on our sites and we want to maintain a family-friendly presence with the community. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide real-time monitoring and moderating which allows for harmful comments to fall through the cracks. We also do not want to ban people regardless of how poorly they behave on our sites.


This decision was not made lightly but we believe making this change will in no way interfere with our goals.  While public comments will be disabled, elected officials still expect private messages to be answered promptly and professionally.  In no way is this policy intended to shield the City’s elected officials or employees from receiving criticism or questions about what is going on or why decisions are made.  We are all accountable to you and very much owe you answers when you have questions.


Mayor Don Triplett